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Fan in training

Intro. plus request for help on image sizing in galleries

Hi. Been in the IT industry for 40 years - retired now! Started on mainframes and worked my way down to PCs - which now are 100's of times more powerful, etc. than what I started on.

I'm webmaster for my local photographic society and we want to add forum capabilities whereby members can upload their own pictures and have discussions about them, etc. etc. - no doubt will grow like Topsy!

I'm currently running a demo and my attempts at uploading images to it are fine, except that the resultant display is enormous! I want to be able to see thumbnails, in the first instance, that can be clicked to produce a screen size image. I will probably have to restrict image sizes to 1024*768 pixels otherwise ….. but I don't want to make members upload thumbnails… or will I have to restrict sizes to "large" thumbnails?

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated. I need to see how this all works before I go back to the club with suggestions.


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