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#54994 (In Topic #11972)

Community saint

first post of me

err …. hi? …err.. i am kinda shy?

*yeah right*

ok, here I go: Alexander Korf, studied BioProcesTechnology with a specialisation in Process Automation at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Currently living together with my girlfriend and daughter.

I am the founder of Fariko: a gaming and ICT company. I have explored many possibillities of gaming and ICT; allround ICT-consultant solving ANY ICT-related problem, allround Gaming-consultant advising the Dutch Gouvernment through Serious Gaming, have become a World Champion Gaming Coach, organisor of small and big gaming events, founder of Clinic Games to entertain patients and clients in need of care, very good Elvis-artist, singer in Punt Uit an a-capelle-choir and filosopher of Life using the theory of Yin Yang with a Smile. :)

hmm, did i miss something? *yes you did, but you're being modest* me? *yes, and being schizophrenic again* oh, ok

GreetZ, Alex aka FarikoBrainiac

"Life is like a Game: improving yourself and sharing fun with others is more important than winning." - Alexander Korf, World Champion Gaming Coach of the Fariko.GoW team
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Community saint

Welcome Alex.

Your 'schizo-persona' should be a great help with this CMS.



Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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Honoured member

Welcome Alex,

Hope you like ocPortal.

ps. I'm also from the netherlands  :wub:
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