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Hi Everyone!!! New OCPortal User Here

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Fan in training

Intro From Ron Paul of Higher Spectrum Media

Hi Everyone,

I've been in the websphere for 15 years and working with CMS's (specifically Joomla!) for the last three. After my latest site crash due to incompatible components I've decided to see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

Looking seriously at OCPortal as a replacement.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, what are some common PHP.ini settings that need to be adjusted to get the installer to work. Keeps giving me a memory exhausted error.


Ron Paul
Higher Spectrum Media
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Community saint

First… welcome to ocPortal.  :)

Sorry to hear about your site's crash. Least it was a compatibility issue and not some loser trying to bring it down (latter happened to me years ago).

What type of advice are you seeking?
Best overall advice I can share with you is to don't be afraid to ask questions. There were a lot of stuff I found out that helped me down the road from others asking. And some fun stuff I tried just for the heck of it from others asking.

And again, welcome to ocP.

Eric DeMars . com
My electronic portfolio and personal site. Uses ocPortal!
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Community saint

Greetings and welcome to ocPortal. I have found that the members and the staff here are very helpful, but sometimes it can take a little bit to get your questions answered. They are busy people after all and many of us are just happily running our sites.

About your issue, I am not sure. Maybe try a lower count (like 300 files at a time) and see if that helps? I would also suggest posting your problem in Deploying. More folks who might know the answer are likely to see it there.

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