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A new site I'm hosting

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Though I'm not a new member to ocPortal or the forums here, I've been asked to host a web site for a great bunch of guys and gals.  They are all blinded American Veterans, and since I have a reseller account anyway, I've been more than happy to take on the task.  Of course in doing so the first thing I did was to install a brand spanking new copy of ocPortal V8.01.  The reason I'm posting this here is to invite every one to visit the site and learn about these folks, and maybe bring a little awareness to a forgotten sector of the blind community.
 – From the SBRCAA.Org front page–

This Web site is owned and operated by the (SBRCAA,) Southeastern Blind rehabilitation Center Alumni Association.  The SBRCAA is a IRS recognized 501-c-3 non-profit organization made up of blind and visually impaired veterans, trained to make the most of our abilities, working to improve our lives and assist other citizens of the global blind community.  The mission of this site is to provide education, and share current computer operating information pertinent to the needs of the visually impaired.

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Community saint

Well Done,chipster!:thumbs:

I wish your site great success in its pursuit to find better ways to bring awareness to the issues of those veterans.

Thank you for sharing:

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