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Some suggestions how to improve internationalization.

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#49973 (In Topic #10895)


There are 2 types of translation.
1. Complete translation
2. Partial.

1. In this situation everything is translated and we have finished package. But we need a lot of work to do and as we can see non package was released. (And hardly will)

2. In this situation we have translation for most important parts of ocPortal (usually front end). And here we could build package which is suitable for the start of ocPortal.

Why 2 is better than 1 - When we are building ocPortal , actually, we don't need to translate everything. For example here inLithuaniaall IT guys know English, so they don't need to translate administrative tools at all (in English it even better).

We have LaunchPad and if someone will translate additional files we can upgrade language package.

For example:
Package Stage 1: (global.ini, dates.ini, chat.ini, galery.ini)
Package Stage 2: (stage 1 plus ocf.ini)
Package Stage 3: (stgae2 plus ...)

So in this way, we have to translate few specific language files, to get first language package what will help to expand ocPortal for particular language.

What do you think about it?

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Certainly makes sense to me.

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It certainly makes sense though there are other possible reasons not related to translation quality.
For instance, I usually translate big files on weekends (global.ini has taken me for half a Saturday and almost whole Sunday and the following weekend is intended for ocf.ini) and other files are translated when I get few free minutes during the work.
I prefer to finish translations in whole for a single file and not let it to hang up for an unknown future. So I just pick up any file that seems to be translatable in reasonable time according to it's strings amount and do them one by one. That's why things are not that simple to me :)
However, I really don't think it is such a hard work to make a full basic translation. Of course we will get few things translated somewhat weird and languages like Russian will get even more issues with male/female verbiage, numbers and word endings in different word combination. We don't speak about 100% perfect translation now - it will be created eventually by working on the site and looking at descriptions bugs. The raw translation can be made in about a month of a not really exhausting daily work (at least as I can evaluate my own progress which should be about 25% or more of total currently).
So if we want a fast version in three to four days (I really doubt one can translate the listed basics faster) - well, we can use this way. On my sight there is no much difference between waiting half-a-week or about a month before starting to work on the site intended for years of existence and site staff not always should be IT specialists to be able to create site content (in my case it is almost always happens that staff guys/girls are not IT ones).
That's why even as I get your point Igr it is not always possible to follow it :) Though you make sense with it anyway ;)
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