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ocStaff (admin)


(Sorry for the all-caps title - I needed this to stand out)

ocProducts policy

We take an inactive role in translation, and we only provide support in English. We do however…
  • try and make ocPortal completely translateable
  • assist in distribution of high quality language packs
  • answer questions relating to translation

ocPortal needs YOU!

If you would like to translate ocPortal, please post your intentions either in the topic for the language you are translating to, or if there is no topic, in a new topic. We rarely known more details of a translations progress than has been posted on the forums by the translator, so please direct any questions to the translator rather than ocProducts.

Unfortunately most offers for translation do not end with a finished language pack; there may be a number of reasons for this, but we suspect the main cause is that the number of language strings in ocPortal is very large. We try very hard to minimise the number of strings, but there are so many features that the number can not be further reduced from what is already used without greatly affecting usability. This problem can be avoided if people team up to finish language packs. This is where LaunchPad is great - it allows people to collaboratively work on translating ocPortal. Go and sign up, login, set your languages, and then you can go through translating ocPortal into your language.

(Thank you to Sunlightshadow for setting us up on LaunchPad!)

Learn more

You may find the internationalisation tutorial helpful. It includes technical details about translation, and more information about how to use the LaunchPad site.

Want a subforum creating?

  1. your language translation has made good progress on Launchpad (more than 20% complete)
  2. you can how that you are a leader in the process
then you can request that we create a subforum for the language (if it does not already exist) and pin certain topics in it. Open a free support ticket from the support section of the site to make these requests.

Generally suggestions for improving translations are very welcome. You are more likely to get ocProducts staff time to help if you can show you've already made a strong start.

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If I answered something that you think should be in the documentation, please take the initiative and add it to the community documentation. We really need people to help out here and build a well-organised large support resource.
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