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If you will - Three important notices to put up on top of the spanish forum... Please

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Fan in action

Lauchpad = Translators to be Native Spanish speakers only please - Not to use automatic translators - Use a spell check before uploading files (orthographic, grammar & style)

My humble opinion:

From the little I have been around ocPortal and a "hands on" point of view, I can say that the main reason of intermittent flow of Spanish translations (also other languages) is due to a lack of work standardization… Each translator does what he or she thinks is correct…
We have seen fast 60% translations of the "easy stuff", but when it comes to actually running the program in other languages, translations suddenly stop…
A language string on ocPortal works in combination with others , so when you translate a single string it might be perfect depending on each translator's idea of what this string is doing within the program... Now, when the program begins combining strings the final user simply finds no sense on what's read....

As well said by Igr on the use of Lauchpad is very helpful, but a translation storm is also confusing as we could find ten different translations of the same idea...

Analysing this phenomenon we can recommend some measures to get Spanish well on its track: (As well as other languages)

1.- It would be well advisable to recommend translating attempts only by NATIVE SPEAKERS...

LAUNCHPAD=Are you planning to translate ocPortal to your own language?<br />Consider doing the translation from inside <a target="_blank" title="(this link will open in a new window)" href="{1}">Launchpad</a>, so that you and other's can work together. <tt>.po</tt> files from Launchpad can now be used directly in ocPortal.

2.- Translations should be validated by humans.

Not to use automated translator tools would be a big step towards quality software developing (Designed for final user)

For example, Google is far from translating ideas, only translates words... The human mind can not be replaced by any program yet.

Automatic translation tools are only a guide... Translating is an automatic action only in ones mind...

Validation should be made by reading and understanding... Has to make sense...

3.- Use spell check tools before uploading translated files.

Just common sense... Minimizes misspelling here and there...


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