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Volunteering for Composr translation into French

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#107769 (In Topic #21003)

Fan in action

Hi all

My name is Gary Andrews, Brit by origin but French by adoption. I've been living in France since 1973.
Recently retired to Brittany, I spent most of my working life in Paris in and around computer operations. The last 20 years were spent working for a French software and services house that developed and sold cross-platform batch automation software.
During my time there I did almost everything but develop,  Sales, Pre-sales, Support, Professional Services, Software Specs, Documentation (EN + FR), Training, Training Development (FR + EN).

Most of the effort was made translating French software (with which I was extremely familiar) into English.
Normally translations are made towards one's mother tongue, but I spent a couple of hours translation bits and pieces of ocportal v9 on Launchpad and realised that, given the frequently shorthand style of the message strings, some native French translators either had no idea or missed the hidden meaning of the message.

I foresee difficulties for me in the fact that I'm not at intimate with Composr and would need a way to check with someone in the know (ie developer) that I understand the string and its context correctly. Haven't yet found the "Getting Started" of my dreams.

I haven't actually evaluated the product (ocportal) but my nose tells me it's the ONE and therefore I may as well get involved on the Composr translation.

Which leads me to the next do I download a version of Composr? The Transifex tutorial doesn't mention that bit.

Keep up the good work


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Hi Gary,

Sorry for the slow reply. I had some drama to deal with this week which distracted me O_o, I had intended to reply immediately.

Thanks for telling us about your background :). Welcome!

Composr isn't downloadable yet. I covered that briefly in my recent development FAQ (v10 development FAQ - When I get a few hours free I'm going to get it updated onto github and also put up an install for some people to play on.

Feel free to ask on the forum about strings with unclear contexts. We're meant to document these within the language files (there's a descriptions feature in the .ini files, and also that feeds through to Transifex), but I'm sure there are cases where it's not clear. I'll make sure you get answer properly :).

I'll put you in touch with another French translator, who has been of enormous service to the community in the past. He would echo what you said about the French translation. I'd just put the username here directly, but as we were chatting privately rather than publicly about Composr translation I have to by default assume confidentiality. I'm sure he'll be happy to chat :).


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