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HALL OF FAME - Translators and other that helped

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#66289 (In Topic #14161)

Honoured member

This are them, the people that walked about on this site till very late hours. See there screens eyes, a bit dusty in the corners, a bit stif fingers from hitting the mouse buttons and having a questionmark above there right eye as they see the words with their left eye and read the translation with their right eye and in between you can see the words gobbled up and trow them out in a next beautyfull sentence. Then for a moment something beautyfull happens as they got a big smile on there face as they just do the work for that 'Happyness' moment and they are looking up as if they expected an aureool or something above their heads. …… dreaming……,
but then theres the next sentence to translate and they starting over again till the day comes they are finished ….., 5 febr 2011!!!

Wauw they are hero's……

Thank you so much people!

Bert de Bruijn

 Dennis Groenveld    Translator
  Frits Salomons Project leader - Translator
 Robert Wubs    Translator
Suzanne Peters    Translator
some unknown to follow

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21-7-1955 - 24-10-2011 I hope she rest in peace and I hope to see you soon.  Puran
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