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Download from Launchpad AND select 1 language

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for Windows users


If one will download their language from Launchpad, they get all the files and getting your language quick and easy apart was a problem.
Not anymore for Windows users.

1. Get an account at Launchpad if you not allready has one. Go to
Beautyfull! That was the key to get the file.

2. Goto Launchpad with this link: 
If you are not logged in, do so now.

3. In de middle left position you find a selector for .pot or .po files. You need the .po files.
Then you hit the request download-button to order the files you need.

4. Then we get to the nice part of the work: Make a drink, some coffee, choco, or milk the cow and have a seat and keep one eye on the mailbox because its most of the time fast. Then think about all those volunteers that have worked hard to get the bunch translated for you while you did something usefull with your time.

5. Wauw, its already there, yep! The email with the link where to download it. Hit that link and download the file (would be handy to remember where you put it )

6. Its a tar.gz file. I use Peazip to unpack it because it's doingit in one step. Unpack the 'launchpad-export' file to a directory (you call it Launchpad, but someprograms do that automatic).
If you need do do it in two steps (first .gz and then .tar) do that, but make sure you have a directory with all the files in it, each file in a directory with the same name as the .po files in it.

7. You now have all languages but thats a disturbing lot off searching and sortering. Just got the Explorer  point to the dir all other dir's are in. Create a dir named 'NL', or whatever letters are for your language, outside the dir launchpad with the dirs and files in it.

8. Now do a search in the launchpad dir for *nl.po (change the nl for the language letters of your choice). You end up with a list of files from the same language. Hit Ctrl+A to select them and then move them in the NL dir or again the name of your choice and its done; you got all files in one dir. Zip the dir with the files in it and upload it to your site in the lang-custom dir. Unpack it so the dir with the two letter name is created and we have a go. (Now drink your drink before it's cold).

Greetings Puran


21-7-1955 - 24-10-2011 I hope she rest in peace and I hope to see you soon.  Puran
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Thanks for posting this :).

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As addon a way to download just one file from one language (e.g. for corrections or update):
I asume you want use the dutch language, otherwise change the nl to another language letters
1. Goto Launchpad (assuming you have an account, see first post above) through this link.

2. Select in the first column the name of a file (e.g. config)
(a translation screen opens)

3. Hit the first link inline "Download translation".
(a new screen opens with the "format" option and "request download" or "cancel" option.)

4. Set the "format"option to "po".

5. Hit the "request download" button.
(a message appears with "Your request has been received. Expect to receive an email shortly."
after indeed a short time you got an email "Launchpad translation download: ocPortal 6.0 - Dutch translation of themes" e.g. dutch or the selected language)

6. Hit the first link to download the file and select "save" to put it on you HD.

7. Find it and change the name "config_config-nl.po" to "config-nl.po" and upload it to your server "…/lang_custom/NL e.g. dutch or the selected language.

8. Clear the language cache (some servers have there own cache that are refreshed sometimes just ones a day, so if thats the case it could take some time before changes are visible).

9. Have fun with ocPortal!

Greetings Puran.


21-7-1955 - 24-10-2011 I hope she rest in peace and I hope to see you soon.  Puran
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Non-joined user

How about for Linux machines?  Launchpad's homepage won't even let me sign up.  I fill in everything, hit the button … and nothing.  Like I never hit the button.
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