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Transferring ocPortal from offline to online web server

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Fan in training

Making my offline ocPortal website available on the internet

Hi, I have been using ocPortal offline on my machine and have created a website. Is it possible to transfer this offline site to an online one? I have purchased a domain and have hosting for this.

i.e from:



Do I have to manually move the database to the web server (while changing the variables in info.php) as well as FTP the ocPortal files?

...or do I have to start from scratch on an ocPortal based on an online web server(I hope not)?
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Fan in training

KingBast said

Tried the steps in the link with no success. Has anyone successfully attempted this recently? What files should be copied to the server i'm moving to since I understand that most of the records in the database are similar.

Here were my steps:
Server#1: the one I want to move to
Server#2: the one with the website

0. Install ocPortal to the server#1 since most files are similar in ocportal

1. clear the cache in server#2 via upgrader.php (because once I change the settings using config_editor.php the database is inaccessible)

2. I used the config_editor.php file to change the base url settings for server#2 (replacing these variables with those set in the server#1) i.e db_site, db_site_host, db_site_user, db_site_password, db_forums, db_forums_host, db_forums_user, db_forums_password

From here I hit a brick wall
3. Without knowing what files to transfer I used FTP to transfer the contents (public_html) of server#2, overwriting those of server#1.
At this point I get error 500
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