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This FAQ question is very correct.

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Do you recommend any web hosts / provide your own hosting?
We don't currently provide hosting or recommend other companies. We would generally advise that you seek a web host that is a well established company, and also isn't just the cheapest you can find. You should check the web host meets the minimum requirements we lay out in our web hosting tutorial. Please be aware that web hosting is an extremely competitive market, with most companies competing on price, features, and high limits  not quality of service. It would be advisable to keep in mind that quality of service is not going to be possible at the lowest prices, and is much more important than the other aforementioned things. ocPortal is progressive software, and some of the price squeezed service we have seen from cheap web hosts is only suitable for those with very basic needs.
You are so correct you hit the Nail on the head.
I spend a lot of time at and They talk about cheap hosts all the time, mainly the overselling cheap hosts.
You definitely do not want to go with hosts that are selling unlimited space or bandwidth because they normally limit other things.
I have seen hosts that offer that limit cpu, memory, and other things that make it impossible to use more then what is actually on the server.
Like hostgator for instance does not allow rpg systems, which is why I no longer use them, I have 3 rpg systems.

Or even bluehost they do not allow swearing and I have seen sites suspended for it.

I my self have a few hosts 4 to be exact, ya I know thats a lot more then I need.
I have liquid webs, everity, downtownhost, and hostsimplex (The only one out of the 4 that has directadmin, love that control panel).
I have had good luck with all of them and am trying to talk everity into getting directadmin.

I run and am hopping to make themes and other things for ocportal even though I no longer use it for I still love it and feel it could go far with the right help. It needs themes and needs people to advertise for it.
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