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Struggling with adding content block

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Fan in training

I am trying to get my head round ocPortal and hope to use it for a CMS based website I am developing

However I am struggling with what would seem to be very simple.

I want to create some content that can be placed in a block on the front page.  I want this block editable by others but I don't want them to modify anything else.

1)  the content - How do I create this.  Is it a page?   
2) how do I embed it?

I found this:  

If you want to display a specific item of content as you require, but without actually wrapping it up in an actual award, then you may use the 'main_content' block with parameters to specify exactly what item you wish to display.

I tried this but it asks me for Item ID and I don't know what an item ID is.   The instructions are very vague around this.

Sorry if this is very basic and I have missed some instructions somewhere
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Fan in training

Custom block fields are accessible on the front-end. Once you login to your site, click on the eyeball icon then click on the pencil icon in the bottom right corner. You will see an outline and a plus button around the custom block field. Take out lock-layout="true" then go add blocks then you can add it back in. Lock layout prevents you from adding more blocks.
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