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SMF1 Import Testers needed!

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#90830 (In Topic #18332)

Community saint

Hi all,

I am working on improving the SMF1 importer (after which I will build an SMF2 importer) and because I haven't much but a base install of SMF1 with some minor data in it ( a couple groups , members and boards) I am looking for someone who might have an SMF1 install that has a large data set to test my changes to see if the importer works well.  So far all my runs have worked perfectly but without a larger data set I can't be sure of other issues.

I have 1 or 2 more tasks to improve before others can begin testing but if you will be able to test for me please respond to this thread to let me know. I want to ensure this works great before committing to github.

I recommend anyone willing to test do so from a testing environment and not their live site of course.

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Community saint

Ok so I have cleaned up and improved the SMF 1 Importer. I will be committing it to github soon probably but I am hoping I can get some volunteer testers to test how well it works first so I can sort out any bugs if there are any.

What was done:

I cleaned up a couple bugs found
Added new function to respect Auto Promotion By Points if set up in SMF
Added function (choosable before import)  to delete initial ocPortal groups (Groups - Newbie, Probation, Guests, Administrators, Super-moderators, Super-members) are not touched but if you want to remove those (with the exception of Super-Moderators, Administrators, and Guests) you can add them to the delete_groups array at the top of the ocf_remove_old_groups function.
Added the ability to move copy over standard topic icons with their tpics (converted to ocPortal topic icons)
Removed some unnecessary functions.

Here are files if you wish to test. Please let me know how it goes for you?

Revised Importer
» Download: (15 Kb, 88 downloads so far)

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Community saint

Zip file update to fix my silly overlook in the Adminstrator group not getting merged with Administrators - Now its good.
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