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Request for Document handling advise (part 1)

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Fan in training

Thanks for viewing my post!


As a truck driver I have about 5000 hours a year of driving time I spend listening to Lectures, books and the like.

I get these from 4 main sources, 1) The Teaching Company; 2) OCW Providers (OpenCourseWare); 3); and 4) Librivox. Of these #1 is awesome in every way, except for the price which is hard to swallow even on EBay, unless you have another way to get them or are comparing them to college tuition; #2 the quality and availability varies greatly, but they are free; #3 can be good quality, the price runs only about $10 a book, but the material is mostly popular culture or abridged versions. #4 has good intentions but is 100% homegrown audio. So in short, options #2 and 4 are free, but in this case you get what you pay for.

After I get these books/lectures I burn them onto 2GB SD chips and put them in my radio for about 60 hours of listening.

Why is this important? After 40,000 hours (8 years of listening 5000 hours a year) to some of the best lectures/courses/books in the western world I am loosely basing the Great Books Program on my site on Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition from The Teaching Company. I have listened to this 42 hour lecture series around 20 times. These authors Public Domain books range from 50 to 2000 pages in Microsoft Word. These books will be posted in single page length sections and marked up in hypertext in help in really understanding/researching these works. Every page of every book will be commented on (using comments and/or forums). (end Background) :offtopic:

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Michael Kelly
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Fan in training

Request for Document handling advise (part 2)

My questions;

  • How would you handle the structuring of 100,000+ pages of text for usability?
  • How unfriendly is this structuring example?
  • What is the best way to add so many pages of text and still keep them to an easily readable (book-like (codex-like actually)) format and single screen length?
  • Once the courses (yes not JUST books to read) are created how would you monetize the site?
  • How would you incorporate OCWorld to re-enforce the course content (such as the Troll asking specific questions related to the materials)?
  • I am incorporating Text, Commenting, Chat Rooms, OCWorld and thesis into each course, what else do you think would be a good learning tool that OCPortal could help with?

Every one's opinion is appreciated


Michael Kelly
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