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Questions on forum setup

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Fan in action

Hey guys,
             At the moment on my forum, the first page a visitor sees when they drop in is a normal webpage with recent news, recent posts, links to the forums etc.

How do I change it so that the landing page for my website will be the "'forum home" that lists every forum, with subforums listed underneath. Pretty much like this website

Except, instead of subforums being listed horizontally underneath forums, have them directly underneath the main forum.

Not sure if I have explained it very clear...I hope so lol

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Community saint

First thing to get the subforums at the top they must all be placed there in your forum setup so I think in order for them to look like subforums at the top you'll need to place 1 forum at the top to hold all the subforums and then make all the sub forums under it. But personally I think this would probably not make sense at all in the long run and would negate the real need for subforums at all.

As for getting the users to land there - Do you intend all users to land at forum home or just non-logged in guests?

There would be a couple ways to accomplish this and the first I would likely try is ocPortals transparent redirects. Here is a tutorial on them:

ocPortal Tutorial: Creating sub-communities (and sub-sites) -
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