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Pull Google Feed from several Search Terms on your RSS

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Fan in action

For awhile you could enter your keywords and choose an RSS export for your alerts.But they got rid of Google Reader, and google doesnt offer customized rss feeds anymore. But with this link code you can still create and use them.

you need this url to pull news from google on any search terms you want

replace the words LANGUAGE, COUNTRY, and SEARCH_TERM

Here's what it looks like when I pull news from google on search terms domestic violence and assault
: &output=rss

Below is what my search looks like in explorer

Don't forget to put plus sign to separate search

add this to your website by clicking add block in your wysiwyg editor.  then enter your link above in the Param tag I believe that is what it is called. But it will pull anything you put in the search term through google.. Very nice to have on an informative site! =)


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