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#108468 (In Topic #21133)

Fan in action

New Administrator Account

I created a new usergroup called "Administrator". Notice it is singular, without the "s".

I want to restrict this usergroup to be able to view all member's profiles and edit them, BUT --- this is a Big but, I do not want him to be able to change/add/edit any "Administrators" profile. Notice this is plural. with the "s".

So, I will have:

Administrators <- default Admin "The Boss".
Administrator <- Admin usergroup I created to customize permissions and privileges.

Administrator can view and edit any member's profile EXCEPT THE ADMINISTRATOR.

How do I set this up. I went through everything and I may be missing it.

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There's no real way to do that right now I'm afraid.

The default super moderators group can do almost all admin tasks except ways to elevate their privileges to a full administrator. But they can interfere with admin accounts by editing them.

At the end of the day, you trust your staff plus keep proper backups, or you don't have a viable site in any case. Because even a small amount of access for someone who abuses it could result in massive vandalism.

If there are lower level people you might want to keep them from being able to edit any member.

Maybe I am not following your use case well enough. Can you give me a situation where a staff member editing an admin account is worse than vandalising 100 non-admin accounts? There may be one that I'm not thinking about. We'd seek to only admin more privilege granularity if there really is a common use case here.

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Fan in action

I did it.

I basically did not give permission to the "administrator" usergroup to view or edit members. He/She can only add members.


note: The method I used did take away the permission for anyone in the administrator group to view any members accounts/profiles. It did not however take away the privilege to create a new account.

This is kinda a cheap way of doing it, but suffice to say it will do for now.

suggestion: For the new version of ocPortal "Composer CMS" it would be nice or I should say needed, for Full blown Administrators to have a choice to either hide their profile, or show their profile, but to be able to not give permission for anyone to edit the admin's profile.

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