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Fan in training

online games

Hi everyone

i found ocportal just few days ago and i am very impress of this software
but also and a litle comfuse with this
first of all i am not developer and everything i do it is for hobby
i would like to ask all of you if or how can ocportal be an online game community
i see awards and leaderboard and i think maybe it will work with games  ( or not?)

sorry for my english

thanks in advance 
and many thanks for this great portal
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Community saint

Yes it can easily be adapted for a gamming community asis. There are features planned in the future that will probably help even better with gamming communities.

One feature not currently existing for gamming communities is a Server Query Module of any sorts but you could easily add gamequery banners to the site anyway so no need for that.

In fact the developers original intention was to develop a CMS for their gamming community back when it first started however focus soon changed to a more robust CMS, equally (if not better) suited for other types of community or business related sites.
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