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puppy linux 2.16

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Community saint

This is one of my favorite distros of linux.
One of the main reasons I like it is because it is fast and easy to use.
Another reason is my old laptop that I used to have xandros linux stopped working correctly.
Basically it kept telling me the hard drive had failed. I got another hard drive and same thing. I went into the bios and it showed that the hard drive had 0 gb/mb/kb or space so I ran some tools and a few of them said it was a bios problem.
What I did to see where the problem actually was is I put the hard drive in another computer and it worked in all the other computers I tried, both hard drives did.
So basically I downloaded puppy linux because it is a live cd and started using it so I could still use my laptop. Although with out a hard drive puppy linux basically turned the computer into a portable dvd player as that was all I used it for, the internet did work but only though eithernet so I used used it as a dvd player.
Also puppy linux is the only live cd distro that I know of that allows you to remove the live cd while using it, which is how I was able to play dvds. Puppy Linux
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I run and am hopping to make themes and other things for ocportal even though I no longer use it for I still love it and feel it could go far with the right help. It needs themes and needs people to advertise for it.
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