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Ok. I'm blind. I need help.

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#1739 (In Topic #400)

Fan in action

Ok. I'm blind. I need help.

Ok. I'm at a total loss here. I keep getting a parse error on the line in question. Say I have cat = melee, the line would be where $type = melee is…

I only supply cat with valid values (which I mention with the 'if' thing)

Does anyone see anything wrong? Why do I keep getting a parse error?!?!?!?! :angry: :angry:


I just don't get it. I opened and closed every { and }. I used ""; with echo, I made sure to use ' and not " with the a href…

I've been scratching my head for half an hour. I just can't seem to figgure out what's the problem :(


do_page_title("Weaponsmith Catalogue");

$type = "{$_GET['cat']}";

if ($type == melee) {
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=melee&weap=knuckler'>Vibro Knuckler</A>";

if ($type == 1handed) {
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=1handed&weap=curvedsword'>Curved Sword</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=1handed&weap=gaderiffi'>Gaderiffi Baton</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=1handed&weap=survivalknife'>Survival Knife</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=1handed&weap=sword'>Sword</A>";

if ($type == 2handed) {
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=2handed&weap=heavyaxe'>Heavy Axe</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=2handed&weap=handedaxe'>2-Handed Axe</A>";

if ($type == carabines) {
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=carabines&weap=cdef'>CDEF Carabine</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=carabines&weap=dh17'>DH17 Carabine</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=carabines&weap=dh17short'>DH17 Short Carabine</A>";

if ($type == pistols) {
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=pistols&weap=cdef'>CDEF Pistol</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=pistols&weap=d18'>D18 Pistol</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=pistols&weap=dl44'>DL44 Pistol</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=pistols&weap=dl44metal'>DL44 Metal Pistol</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=pistols&weap=fwg5'>FWG5 Pistol</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=pistols&weap=scout'>Scout Blaster</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=pistols&weap=striker'>Striker Pistol</A>";

if ($type == munition) {
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=munition&weap=c12grenade'>CDEF Rifle</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=munition&weap=c22grenade'>DLT20 Rifle</A>";
 echo "<LI><A HREF='index.php?page=view&cat=munition&weap=drxmine'>DRX Mine</A>";


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You have to quote string values….

$type == "melee"


$type == melee

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Fan in action

Bah. I had a feeling the problem was something stupid like that :lol:

Thanks :) ;)

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