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Marking up a document from a visual viewpoint

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#100368 (In Topic #19697)

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Hoping that you sighted folk will give a blind guy a tip or two on visual elements.

Hi gang,

I'm marking up a technical paper on a piece of music gear to be published in my Wiki.  In several places text is marked as:
  • Important:
  • Note:
  • Tip:

From a visual point of view should I use the same tag and make all three Embolden, or should I mark the Important: as Embolden, and Italicize the Note: and Tip: sections?

Secondly, there's sections of the paper that reference text that should be entered in to a configuration file, and suggest that you copy and paste for accuracy.  Again for visual reference, should I use the teletype tag for this text or the code tag?

An example of this is:

Change this line and the lines which follow it to match the description, below.  Copy and paste is recommended for safe operation.

VPot0=0,level,1.0   ; Threshold
VPot1=1,level,0    ; Ratio
VPot2=2,level,0    ; Knee
VPot3=3,level,0.5   ; Gain
VPot4=4,level,0.01   ; Attack
VPot5=5,level,0.05   ; Release
VPot6=6,switch    ; TCSelect aOn/Off
VPot7=8,switch    ; Limiter On/Off
VPot8=7,switch    ; Type Normal/vintage
VPot9=9,switch    ; Output Audio/Sidechain

   Now, with the Sonitus Compressor inserted on one of your tracks, press Upper Shift+EQ Mode to enter Dynamics multi mode.  Press Upper Shift+EQ Mode a second time to enter dynamics single mode.  Press Track Mode twice to return to Track Multi.

NOTE: The comments in the file MackieControl.ini explain what each line is for, and you can now map your plug-ins to the BCF2000 to your heart's content.
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