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image fader block

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#79843 (In Topic #16228)

Fan in training

use image fader block on main page full size

hey everyone,
     new to ocPortal and so far I love it!  I have a question about using a image fader block on the main page.

Is it possible to use it on the main page and have the image fix across the screen?  When I use it the image is the size of the side block (which I guess it was designed for and works perfectly for) but I would like ot use it on the main block as sort of a here is what is going on section with a bunch of rotating images of activities.

When I add it to my main block it does work and rotate the images on my gallery but its only using half the available width and the section looks a little wierd…….

any advice/suggestions or thoughts are welcomed and thanked in advance



please forgive me if I posted in the wrong forum and feel free to correct me
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Community saint

I think this would have done better in the Deployment forum.

I took a quick peek and since I see no references to sizes in the CSS or tpl or php file for the block I can only assume it is related to this line of the tpl file?



I am new and haven't really delved into the Tempcode programming yet but I assume you could change it to this:



Look in  your theme file for the BLOCK_MAIN_IMAGE_FADER.tpl Copy it and save it to templates_custom with the change applied.
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