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How do I build a table to replace the left menu ?

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Fan in training

How do I build a table to replace the left menu ?


I wondered if anyone could help me out. I want to add a Forthcoming Events table in place of the left hand menu (I have an image map on the logo, so the menu is redundant.)

The event list is generated from my phpbb forum's calendar (Snailsource's Callite mod) by a PHP script (Calpeek).

I got it to work in an iframe in the banner area but as the list of events is getting longer I would like to build it into a table which looks the same as and replaces the menu. I am not sure how to get the results of the calpeek function into a table (my previous attempt used  PHP ECHO which worked OK, but I couldn't format it into the correct style of table) I got it half working by just writing an HTML page with a normal table definition but then couldn't get the table to look right (wasn't sure which background/table frame images went where  :blink: ) The page is HERE
It worked fine as a standalone file, but when I put a link in the menu as a temporary measure to access the event list, it caused problems with the path to the calpeek function so no data was displayed just an error about not being able to find calpeek.php file.

Does anyone have a simple solution to this please ?
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