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#76196 (In Topic #15729)

Fan in training

Having entered all the sub categories and their content, viz:
How can I get another top level entry?
In the example, I have Office Procedures at the top level and I wish to create a lot more.
Is that possible please? ;)
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Community saint

You did a great job with your CEDI entries Max, but if you want to add to the top level, you will have to push everything down. There are no limits to having (children of children), but you have to carefully craft it from the top. I'm afraid you will have to start all over again with an edit of the CEDI page changing the name for something like: CEDI- Company Structure

(the first children pages will be your top level)
Office Procedures
Other Procedures
Other Top Level entry

So, the Tree would look something like this:

CEDI-Company Structure

Office Procedures (Top level)
…Site Security (Children)
……Gate keys (Children of children)
……Out of office call outs (Children of children)
…Branches  (Children)
……Opening up (Children of children)
……Closing up (Children of children)

……Others (Children of children)
…Membership (Children)

Other Procedures (Top level)
…Etc, (Children)
Other Top Level (Top level)
…Etc, (Children)
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Fan in training

Hi Jean,
I had an awful suspicion you were going to say that.  :)  Not to worry, it will help reinforce my knowledge gained so far so it is not a wasted exercise.  My motto - "It is what it is, move on".

Many thanks once again Jean  :thumbs:

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