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My Google "Powered by ocPortal" journey

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Community saint

Many have tried and some have even succeeded

Yesterday I took a little Google powered journey. Using the search words "Powered by ocPortal" I was catapulted onto the information super-highway as I pressed enter. It was amazing to me to see how many ocPortal websites come up. I visit each one I came across, bookmarking them for further research on a return trip. I think I took up the better part of an afternoon but I gave up before Google did! Still, it was time well spent.

I came across many of your websites out there. Some I had seen before as they were introduced formally in the forums INTRODUCE YOURSELF topic. I am always impressed and inspired when I see the newest ocPortal websites. It is obvious you spent a lot of hours, sweating out those seemingly impossible details. All of this to achieve your vision of the particular effects to perform that important task.

Many of the sites I came across were very creative and well designed. Some sites stood out from the rest. These excelled well beyond the familiar default ocP template. Those websites seemed to have crossed over into the 'Innovative Zone'…

But more importantly had achieved one other more important thing.

These websites had exploded from the moment of conception through the trauma of birth; they were breathing on their own and had a strong heartbeat. These sites are ALIVE.

Congratulations and very well done you who have achieved this level of success.

Contrasting your success with the ocP platform and to bring you back to my online trip yesterday it was very disheartening to see so many of the Google listings of "Powered by ocPortal" appearing as if they were in a hospital ICU …or worse, without even a heartbeat. Their Google listing was little more than a tombstone reading:

"One more wreck strewn alongside the information superhighway"

I won't go on too much more except to say two things and one of them is a question:

First, Congratulations again to you who have succeeded with ocPortal and thanks for your continued willingness to get back in there with the new OCP members, answering their questions, sharing secrets you've learned and for helping them to survive it all; from installation to deployment and beyond.

…at this point I cannot say enough good about Chris Graham and the ocPortal staff's help with everyone's questions and cries for help as well as their dedicated involvement in making this open source ocPortal CMS possible and for keeping it ALIVE and GROWING.

Second and finally, The question that haunted me from my research yesterday is why do so many hopefuls give up and what can be done to help the new OCP hopefuls stay with it, ask questions and actually get their websites up and online?

Art and Imagination
of David L Friend

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Community saint

Thanks friendly for this very interesting perspective.:cool:
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