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Moodle features in OcPortal

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Fan in training

I am debating which system to use for an online school I am launching, Moodle or OcPortal. (I have recent experience with Blackboard as a graduate student and Desire to Learn as a college instructor). I chose Moodle because it is designed for educational concerns, though it is not as effective as Desire to Learn (very expensive). But having installed Moodle 2.9, their latest, and having found a theme that works for me, I hit a brick wall in not having all the features of OcPortal that I love, particularly full and simple control over all pages, side bars, menus, zones, user groups -- and so on. 

The reason I have hesitated in using OcPortal is that I need a forum system that I can split innumerably with a completely separated and isolated forum on any page I choose -- one course will have more than 15 separate forums through its sessions. Can OcPortal be made to do that? I would gladly pay a reasonable amount for that feature. Then, can the point system be split into zones, that is, each zone (course) having its own accumulation of points (grades) without any connection to other point zones. 

What I would really like is a merger of OcPortal and Moodle. They have done that with Joomla, calling it Joodle. Maybe there could be an OcPoodle? :-)  I could do that by merging two websites with endless links, but that would be cumbersome. 

Let me know if OcPortal can be moodleized, that is, treating forums and points in the way I need. I already know how to make OcPortal work for all the other features of on-line learning, except those two -- and drag and drop, which would be wonderful, but not totally necessary.
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Community saint

I'm thinking the points problem will need to be custom tailored to your specific site. With the points being tied into various site activities and the Point Store addon, it probably won't be a simple task to make it work for course grading. It might be easier to just create a new addon to assign grading points on a per-zone basis. To get a free quote on what that would cost, you would have to submit a bug report here: Select Project - ocPortal feature tracker

On that page, select a Category (probably core or points…Chris will change it if needed), make the Summary something like 'Educational course grading points on a per-zone basis', and for Description you could put a link back to this message thread and probably describe a little more about how you will be assigning and using these grading points.

For splitting up the forums, you could use Virtual Roots. The tutorial for that is here: ocPortal Tutorial: Creating sub-communities (and sub-sites) -

Usergroup permissions and virtual roots should work to ensure members only see the forums they are suppose to see and where they are suppose to see them.
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The points issue is probably best served by stepping back and thinking of how grades are earned, and what are done with them. Likely not actually using ocPortal points.

On earning:
If it is simply through passing quizzes, it would not be a particularly hard thing to alter the quiz code to tally successes off somewhere else (some custom database table).

On display:
Probably a custom hook written for the members module. That can also be done fairly easily (it's already extendible both via custom tabs, or plugging sections in to the about tab).

I've never used Moodle, so I've honestly no idea about integrating it, other than general advice to programmer's in this tutorial: - ocPortal Tutorial: Integration of ocPortal and other installed scripts/applications
I would guess the main work would be bridging the login systems and displaying moodle data on member accounts (similar to what I wrote above).

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