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Managing Galleries

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Fan in action

Doc doesn't seem to be much help

Hi all

My first impression is that the doc and tutorials seem to address developers.
I want to create a gallery with  20 or 30 images in a certain order.
I consult the a most verbose manner it avoids telling you in a praactical manner how to create a gallery.
I found the option in the contents drop-down...
screwed up...
and want to remove the images and start again.
I cannot for the life of me find a "delete image" option
as for the doc nothing so down to earth is mentionned.

So question 1 : how should I (step by step) remove an image from a gallery?

Question 2: can we have  more hands on approach to documentation?


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Community saint

The delete option is on the same page that allows you to edit the image: Adminzone>Content>Galleries>Edit Image. On that edit page, you can click the + to expand down the gallery categories and you will be able to select an image to edit. Select an image and click the Proceed button. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you should see a Delete Status option in the Actions section of the Edit Image form. Choose the Delete Fully option and then Save to remove the image. While it may not be completely intuitive for everybody, you will find this is consistent with how other content within ocPortal can be deleted. Categories, images, videos, catalogues, catalogue entries, downloads, news posts, blog posts, etc. The edit page for all of those items will have a delete option at the bottom of the Edit form.

If you have many images to delete, there may be a quicker way to delete them using OcCLE commands. I'll defer that explanation to Chris, if you think you might need it.

If you have many images to add, check out the Ordering section of the Galleries Tutorial and the Importing section of the Advanced Galleries Tutorial:
ocPortal Tutorial: Providing galleries -
ocPortal Tutorial: Advanced galleries -

If those were the docs you had trouble deciphering and if you still need more help, can you describe your gallery structure in some more detail (main categories only, main categories with subcategories, etc)? How many images do you need to add (is it only 20 to 30 or will there be more)? If you need to add a lot of images (a lot = more than you care to manually add one-at-a-time), is it possible for you to rename them alphabetically or with a numbering scheme to get them to display in the order you want, and are they already in some sort of coherent directory structure on your local computer that matches up with the categories you need in your ocPortal gallery?
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Non-joined user

Hi Jason

Thanks for your response. I'm now a master at removing images from the gallery and despite its lack of intuitiveness I am happy to know that I shall be able to use this technique elsewhere in the product.

I took a quick look at ocCLE and decided I'd leave that for a rainy day, I don't have that many images to get rid of anyway.

All the best

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