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Importing vBulletin

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#52805 (In Topic #11493)

Fan in training

Hi everybody!

Since a short time ago I'm using ocPortal and it's very great.
I want to create a new home for the community I'm hanging around.

Now I've tried to import vBulletin Version 3.6.4. But unfortunately I failed.

I tried importing as follows:

Admin Zone -> Tools -> Import -> vBulletin 3.0.x / 3.5.x -> Create a new import session, and delete any old sessions

For the Base directory I used the directory where I stored in the vBulletin sql backup file, e.g. /vbulletin. Should I use a absolute or a relative path?

After that I tick off.

When I'm using the import button, I get the following error:

The given import path is not correct (the includes/config.php file is not there).

Where can I find the includes/config.php file?

I do not know anymore. Help me please.

Best regards from Germany
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