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I got this night 4 messages

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#65579 (In Topic #14051)


hacked or bug?

» Download: hacked.txt (13 Kb, 3038 downloads so far)
I got this night 4 messages about hacking or bug and don't know what it means
The website works it seems normally

I am attaching text message

My trial to learn ocPortal
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Community saint

Hi Beata!

A guest probably unknowingly attempted to post HTML code in the message part of the "Recommend" page and the Hack_Attack Function, which intentionally has a paranoid security model, blocked it and advised you the admin of the preventive measures. This is normal and welcome, at least by me, behavior of a good security system…even if it is trigger happy!;)
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Community saint

I agree with Jean.

Usually it is one of my members doing something they are not allowed to do. After a few attempts they contact me to complain, and I am able to put them right as to how to do what they are attempting to do. There the matter ends.

If, as in your case, it is a 'Guest' apparently trying to 'recommend' your site, it is just as well that ocPortal has blocked their attempt at inserting something they shouldn't - probably a spambot trying to send out multiple spam URLs using your site as the 'point of origin'.

If you are concerned you can do a WHOIS on to try to establish if it is a sinister attempt at an 'injection', or whether it is one of your genuine visitors who hasn't registered or logged in.

Mostly, I don't bother, because if they are really upset about being blocked, they will contact you …


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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