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Help Wanted: Flash Header Logo

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#56636 (In Topic #12316)

Community saint

Hello ocP Fans,

I'm helping put together a MUD FANSITE. it's for an online game called, Gemstone IV. The game is all text based.

In this game, there are different towns. Someone wants a site created for a specific town called, IceMule Trace. This town is always cold and it snows a lot. It's winter all year round in this town.

I'm using Islander-aua's tutorial to create a nice looking ocPortal site.

I played a lot in Flash in College, but my Flash on my laptop is very outdated and don't have the funds to upgrade. Would anyone be willing to donate some time to create a Flash header? Attached is the image they want to use. Yeah, it's pretty big in height, but should work. They have suggestions but are willing to have the designer be as creative as they want… couple suggestions were: animated snow and/or animated text.

For the text, they'd like:
IceMule Trace (header)
An unofficial GemStone IV fansite (subtext)

I told them I might have to outsource it if it's going to be a Flash header. They didn't mind and also said for the designer to add their own signature in one of the bottom corners.

Let me know if you're up to it.


Eric DeMars . com
My electronic portfolio and personal site. Uses ocPortal!
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