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Grid Hosting

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#50438 (In Topic #10996)

Fan in action

Hello folks :)

Anyone heard about the ''Grid Hosting''

I heard it is better that Shared Hosting as CPU resources are shared between multiple servers
Is that a great alternative to Dedicated Hosting?


Dj Sm1rn0ff (OCP User)
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Community saint

Grid Hosting really is just another fancy word for a clustered hosting environment. It all depends on the host for the quality and performance you receive.

For example, MediaTemple is one of the better known grid hosts. However they have had nothing but complaints about the speed and performance of MySQL and other databases. Poorly managed servers will still give you a poor hosting experience. Well managed servers with a hosting company who knows what they are doing, whether it is 1 server or 1000 clustered, you will receive a much higher grade of hosting.

With current technology, grid/clustered/cloud hosting(whichever the current marketing gimmick is), is not a good alternative to a dedicated server.

Hope this helps  ;)

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