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Critical Error

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#108004 (In Topic #21058)

Fan in action

Dollowing update to 9.0.19

Critical error – bailing out

This is an error that has been elevated to critical error status because it occurred during the primary error mechanism reporting system itself (possibly due to it occuring within the standard output framework). It may be masking a secondary error that occurred before this, but was never output - if so, it is likely strongly related to this one, thus fixing this will fix the other.
Could not save. Are you out of disk space or quota space? Did you try and use a file that was 0 bytes?

Details here are intended only for the website/system-administrator, not for regular website users.
» If you are a regular website user, please let the website staff deal with this problem.

Depending on the error, and only if the website installation finished, you may need to edit the installation options (the info.php file).

ocProducts maintains full documentation for all procedures and tools. These may be found on the ocPortal website. If you are unable to easily solve this problem, we may be contacted from our website and can help resolve it for you.

ocPortal is a CMS for building websites, developed by ocProducts.


While the front end appears to be behaving properly, many actions in the admin zone reuslt in the above error - Including "Audit -> Error log"


Excuse me but this is going to be long winded.


While in v 9.0.18 one of my admin told me that I had misspelled "Cincinnati" as "Cincinatti" on the logo.


Corrected that - actually by replacing the logo. But the original misspelling hold on through the newsletter logo.


The admin looked at the logo wizard, but we both agreed that going through the wizard would probably replace the existing image with one created by the wizard - however the wizard did work at that point.


Updated recently (belatedly) to 9,0,19 attempting to access the theme wizard (I was willing to try most anything) results in a critical error.


Attempting to send a newsletter results in a critical error.


Attempting to see what the error is (Audit -> error log) results in a critical error.


These are only a few of the places that generate critical errors, on the admin side several actions result in a critical error ...


Any help / suggestions / questions wold be appreciated because I'm way out of my depth here!



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Isn't it just what it says, no disk space? Or at least, zero remaining quota on your user account.

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