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Cant view contacts unless user level is administrator

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#108482 (In Topic #21139)

Fan in training

Hi.  I am new to OCPortal and love it so far.  I am having a challenge though with configuring users levels.  I have 3 users.  1 newbie, 1 local and myself as the admin.  I created 3 contacts in content management and I am the only one who can see them.  When I login at the other 2 user levels I get a message that states "There are no entries at this time".

Can someone assist me with this?  I am sure it is a permissions issue somewhere but when I go into the permissions tree it shows at all 3 levels that the catalog "contact" is viewable.

Thank You in advance for your assistance.  Looking forward to "paying it forward" soon as I learn this application.

Thank You

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Community saint

Hello and welcome!

For contacts, there are permissions at the catalogue level and at the category level. Check to be sure those other usergroups also have view access to the category. In the permissions tree editor, click the + by the Contacts option to see the contact categories.
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