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Community saint

This effort was triggered by a Tech Newsletter that belatedly recalculated some Benchmark scores after receiving 'vociferous complaints' from fanboyz of one browser against another. You know the kind of thing - they have nothing better to do than slag off the opposition!

Using SunsSpider 0.9.1 JavaScript Benchmark, these were the results. Make of them what you wish … !!

  • IE 9.0.8080.16413 (32-bit) - 212.7ms
  • Opera 11.01 - 239.1ms
  • Google Chrome 10.0.648.127 - 253.9ms
  • Firefox 4.0beta10 - 295.7ms

So far everything I've read in the tech-press has been to heap praise on the sheer blinding speed of Chrome. Perhaps they will need to reappraise their viewpoint.

I'm sure the results will continue to change (forget IE9 64-bit: they are still using the older JIT engine) as each tweaks their performance, and I don't expect that FF will continue to remain in last place when their final release hits the streets.


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

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Community saint

I always found Opera faster than Firefox and Chromium in my daily use. Problem is there was always something not displaying right or some function not working right in my version of Opera (probably due to problems in my 64 bit libs or whatever) that prevent me from using full time anymore.

Firefox 4 seems faster and snappier than previous version, but is still being beat by Chromium and Rekonq and Opera.

I don't have a windows machine to test out the latest IE, but the bad taste that the old IE gave me and the horrible change in UI (IMO) of the latest IE I ever looked at (I think it was 7, maybe 8 lol) makes me not really care if it is faster… I still flee from it :P.

IMO, while browsing speeds and such are important, one has to consider their daily browsing habits. Do their daily habits make good use of the areas where speed gain is noticeable, or are their needs still better met by a seemingly slower and heavier browser? That, IMO is what is most important, does it work best for you.

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