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Back again!... :s

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Honoured member

My dad had a stroke last week, and i thus i was nto able to get behind internet due to that.. Now im back and will see were i can lend a hand and do some stuff.. :D

@ Amy, if you need some things done for , let me know through PM there.. I now have some time to get a bit of work done..

:D  Dont shoot the messenger!!  :D

How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise my hand.

Chris Graham said

I guess a warning in your line of work tends tomean 'run for cover'. Fortunately it's not so severe when it comes to computers ;).
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Community saint

Wellcome back it is good to see you agian. PM on its way.

I run and am hopping to make themes and other things for ocportal even though I no longer use it for I still love it and feel it could go far with the right help. It needs themes and needs people to advertise for it.
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Sorry to hear about your Dad. Welcome back. :)

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