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I need some1 who has Invision board 2 to post there code for 'global_board_header' text. To get this goto >> adminCP >> skin & templates >> Skin Manager >> 'YOURDEFAULTSKIN' >> Edit Skin template HTML >> All global… > global_board_header

Copy it all in a reply! thank you! :)
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I hate it when I loose the default skin ;). After several skinning jobs I've learned it's usally best to leave the default skin alone and work in a new skin.

Here's the code:


<script type="text/javascript">
 var ipb_var_st       = "{ipb.input['st']}";
 var ipb_lang_tpl_q1  = "{ipb.lang['tpl_q1']}";
 var ipb_var_s        = "{ipb.session_id}";
 var ipb_var_phpext   = "{ipb.vars['php_ext']}";
 var ipb_var_base_url = "{ipb.script_url}";
 var ipb_input_f      = "{ipb.input['f']}";
 var ipb_input_t      = "{ipb.input['t']}";
 var ipb_input_p      = "{ipb.input['p']}";
 var ipb_var_cookieid = "{ipb.vars['cookie_id']}";
 var ipb_var_cookie_domain = "{ipb.vars['cookie_domain']}";
 var ipb_var_cookie_path   = "{ipb.vars['cookie_path']}";
<script type="text/javascript" src='jscripts/ipb_global.js'></script>
<!-- IE6/Win TABLE FIX -->
<table  width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="submenu">
      <td><a href='{ipb.vars['home_url']}'>{ipb.vars['home_name']}</a><!--IBF.RULES--></td>
      <td align="right"><a href='{ipb.script_url}act=Help'>{ipb.lang['tb_help']}</a><a href='{ipb.script_url}act=Search&amp;f={ipb.input['f']}'>{ipb.lang['tb_search']}</a><a href='{ipb.script_url}act=Members'>{ipb.lang['tb_mlist']}</a><a href='{ipb.script_url}act=calendar'>{ipb.lang['tb_calendar']}</a><!--IBF.CHATLINK--><!--IBF.TSLLINK-->
<if="ipb.vars['gallery_images_path'] != ''">
<a href='{ipb.script_url}act=module&module=gallery'>{ipb.lang['gallery']}</a>

<div id='logostrip'>
   <div id='logostripinner'>
   <a href='{ipb.script_url}' title='Return to Forums Index, Powered by IPB'><div id='logographic'><!-- No Content --></div></a>

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