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acess to adminzoe problem

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Fan in training

please i'm having problem to access the admin zone after moving my website from a localhost server to an online server. it keeps giving the following error  "PHP WARNING [2] Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at info.php:1) in sources/site.php on line 210 (version: 9.0.18, PHP version: 5.4.34, URL: /adminzone/index.php?page=start)". Can I need help on how to solve this.
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Community saint

Use a text editor to check the first line of the info.php file that is in the root folder of your web site. The first line should be:

Be sure there is no whitespace at the beginning of that line. If you edited the file manually, be sure you didn't add any new PHP code in there and be sure you didn't leave out any brackets, quotes, or semicolons.

It could also be the encoding format of that file. If you edited it manually in a text editor, it should be saved with "UTF-8 (without BOM)" encoding. Editors like Notepad++ allow you to select the encoding format you want to save the files with. 
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