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[NEWBIE] Can I do this with a catalogue?

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#87311 (In Topic #17805)

Fan in training

VERY new to ocPortal...actually trying to see if it can do one thing I need before I install it. On one of my pages I'll have various links for teachers. I'd like them to be able to sort (or filter) them. Oh, each link will have a title, url, description, etc. 

Would I do that with a catalogue? I'm not even sure what to call this to be able to search for it (#justaprogrammerwannabe). Any guidance/direction would be greatly appreciated.
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Community saint

A catalogue should work will for that.

To see working catalogues, you can look at my site if you like.

Select any of the video categories in the top left, then look at the bottom of the page for sorting options.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S / Galaxy S II ? If so, why not check out my ScreenFree FM Radio .
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