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#49719 (In Topic #10837)


Okay how to change up a few things?

Okay, within the forum I have few
things I would like to change.

I would like posts to be added without
being validated by me.

Also, stop every forum posting and
change from being emailed to me.

WHOA! :o

I guess I'm not understanding what
the permissions really mean. Like
the Add/Post/Submitted and the
Self Vetted….

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What's up? Any feedback and or insight
on this question?!!!

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Fan in action

I believe in the forum permissions (Admin -> Structure -> Edit Forum)  make sure that the Bypass Validator for posted content or something to that effect should be (-)?    In my forum, they are blank, assume that my default is that they don't have to validate… Not sure where that default is. (still learning the security structure myself)

I think that the default is located in Admin -> Security -> Specific permissions button if I'm not mistaken — Forums are considered Low Impact content, once again if I'm not mistaken  O_o

As for the emails, are you tracking topic on the forum? (button on the forum pages?)  

Might also be that you are being emailed because the content needs to be validated.

Sorry I'm not so clear on this stuff, but I try  :thumbs:
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