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Wiki Tree view display changes question

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#91860 (In Topic #18451)


Does anyone know if it would be possible to make the following changes to the Wiki+ Tree view?

1) I'm guessing this one might just involve editing the CSS, but can anyone recommend a way to remove the heavy solid line that is placed under every item in the Tree view that has child pages?  It's pretty distracting and I don't really care for ability to collapse or expand the tree that is attached to right end.  If possible, I would rather just have that function use the + or - labels that the menu's use.

2) This one is probably much harder, but does anyone know if it would be possible to add some way of indicating that a Wiki+ page is empty in the tree view?  I would add to add some place-holder pages, and don't want to have to go into every page and add "(Place Holder" after the name.  Not to mention it would make linking to those placeholders via page links a bit of a pain.  "[[Sample page name (Place Holder)]" :dry:

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Mythus is a wiki+ master I am sure he can help you if he sees this.
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