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Wants to create sub zones.

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#58036 (In Topic #12665)

Fan in training

Hi ,

I want to create the sub zones under the single zone(Myzone).

Please help me regarding this requirement.

Thanks & Regards

Shrinivas N.
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Community saint


I am not fully certain if you can create subzones. Zones, if I understand it correctly, are basically small websites in themselves. Of course they are more connected than that, but really, you can have your own menues and everything, even different themes, within a zone. So having a sub-zone which would be like have a sub website within a website, I do not think would work out the same.

However I do know that you can create child pages. Since a zone is primarily a page with menus, you can create a child page that would be a secondary page within that zone. Could that probably get closer to what you want? It is the closest thing I can think of to a sub-zone.

Hope it helps!

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