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#103720 (In Topic #20278)

Non-joined user

What is this stuff?

Someone please translate the line below from a template file and let me know:
1)  What piece of software parses this line
2)  Where I can find documentation on the syntax
3)  Please tell me what CEDI is and means


Thanks for the help.
Steve White

Former JOOMLA, Tiki Wiki, MyBB administrator

PS:  Any plans to integrate Bootstrap fonts into ocPortal?

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Fan in training

I am the poster of the above topic and it is my first post.  My session timed out before I posted which is why it is posted as Guest.  Real noobie error!
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Hi Steve,

  1. ocPortal does itself.
  2. It is Tempcode, see Tempcode programming tutorial.
  3. It's now known as Wiki+, that should Google. It's gone through a few name changes.

That Tempcode line is one of the more complex ones.

Bootstrap fonts… you could do it yourself easily enough I think. Any normal web libraries can be linked in to the templates.
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Community saint

Hi Steve.

To try to be a little more specific:

1. Yes ocPortal does the parsing.

2. Good tutorial on Tempcode found here: ocPortal Tutorial: Tempcode programming - ocPortal

3. As duder said CEDI is now Wiki+ (which the new name should make obvious its purpose) but the old name I believe stood for Community (not sure the "e" was maybe edited) Documentation Initiative (but I believe it was also referred to be other similar names)

If you understand php the tempcode line you asked is similar to this in php


IF ((preg_match(^http:,{$BASE_URL}))&& $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT' != "mobile")

Well not exactly the php equivalent but you should get the idea.
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