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Tracker side of support credits addon committed

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If committed the changes made to the mantis side of thins already and will still be working on the ocPortal side of things for a little while I imagine.  (It currently only works in v8 out of the box - well sort of) but I will be adapting it for v9 and changing all the hard-coded for elements.

here are the current instructions for those wishing to install asis thus far:


Steps to Install (currently only the tracker- mantis side of things are complete)
Import the TrackerTables.sql
Install ocPortal (currently only works properly with v8)
Copy Support Credits files to install.
Change config values need in tracker folder "config_inc.php"

If this is from a fresh install of ocPortal make sure you have added an EMAIL ADDRESS to your admin (in ocPortal) account before using that to log into the tracker for the first time.

Change all the info you need to in the tracker config_inc.php file:

Primarily these variables are the ones most likely needing changed:

$g_administrator_email  (and smpt settings if needed)

and the BRANDING section at bottom.

You must Make a Project in tracker and also a custom field called "Time estimation (hours)" as float. Then "LINK" that field to the project.

If you would like to change the strings on the Mantis side of things then you could search for "ocPortal Additons" in the strings_eglish.txt and you will find the strings there. You may have to change the file with which the string is associated to if the number of Parms sent is different than your new string for strings with params.

Files under Tracker Changed:

Added - TrackerTables.sql

**NOTE currently the sources_custom/miniblocks/main_mantis_tracker.php file needs a couple changes to work with a default install of ocPortal This stuff will not be reuired to do when I am done the conversion:

after line 47 - "$where.=' AND view_state=10';"
add new line - $where.=' AND severity=10';

Then on lines 73 and 74 change field_id=3 to field_id=1 in the queries (2 entries) (this corresponds to the Time estimation (hours) custom field that you added in mantis)
 Then change line 145 echo static_evaluate_tempcode(put_in_standard_box($out,$title,NULL,'curved_turquiose')); TO echo static_evaluate_tempcode(put_in_standard_box($out,$title,NULL,'curved'));
 And of course change any hardcoded links in that file.

Final Note: There will probably be a few more minor changes to tracker side of things before done the full project like some documentation notes and moving SQL to the install of add-on fuction.
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