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standard AED module class....

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#91366 (In Topic #18384)

Community saint

How to phrase this….

I have figured out what 'ad' and 'ed' do, or go to (I think).. but what about 'ac' and 'ec'?   

I am editing a table, but one of the fields in that table is the id number in a different table, so I'm trying to set up to edit that second table…    I based all this on looking into the code and seeing that similar things that have 'category' editors do this as well…

Perhaps I need to go through the aed class a bit more..

Code (php)

        function misc()

                return do_next_manager(get_screen_title('OCREWARDS_TITLE'),comcode_lang_string('DOC_OCREWARDS'),
                                                /*       type                                                     page   params                                                                                                  zone*/
                                                // how do I add add/edit options for rtypes?

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ad=add form
_ad=save the add
ed=choose what to edit
_ed=edit form
__ed=save the edit
ac=add form (category)
_ac=save the add (category)
ec=choose what to edit (category)
_ec=edit form (category)
__ec=save the edit (category)

The category ones are called via chaining aed_module classes together. The main aed_module class contains a reference to the class for managing categories, in $cat_aed_module

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Community saint

Ok.   For the rewards addon I am working on, I use ad, ed for the main table.

There is another table ('types') that keeps the type of rewards… the main table uses this one.

Should I be using ac and ec?   

My main module is "class Module_admin_ocrewards extends standard_aed_module"   then after the code to handle the main database (and all this works), I have :

"class Module_admin_ocrewards_cat extends standard_aed_module" …

Is that the correct methodology for the 'ac' and ec' to get to the right place?    

And do I just generate the forms in the _cat class  like I did for the main database?   

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Community saint

The answer to my question above is "Yes".

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