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Should Administrator be merged with Administrators

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#90828 (In Topic #18331)

Community saint

When building an importer?

Ok so I noticed SMF calls its default Adminstrators group "Administrator" (notice no s) where as ocPortals is "Administrators" (there's an s!).

Thus it creates an a new administrative group so that you are left with 2 groups that appear the same one Administrators and one Administrator.

I was thinking of pulling out the "Administrator" group and just assigning its members to ocPortals "Adminstrators" group so there aren't 2 similar named groups.

Before I do this I thought I would post here in case someone could give me a reason why they think I shouldn't do this?

I personally can't see why anyone would want 2 Admin groups very closely named but perhaps someone else here might have a good reason why they would?
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