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#104048 (In Topic #20338)

Fan in training

I don't know if this is the right forum for this question or not but here it goes…  Where would I locate the script with the LOAD_PANEL function in it?  While I'm on that topic…  Which file would I need to hack up in order to be able to edit those programmatically? eg delete_funk(panel_left_custom_for_this_page_in_this_zone.txt … and then afm_make_file(the_same_again_but_different ?  I'm looking to automate that process and use them for top, middle, banner, and a bottome section that all each only have one block in them that I can edit from both a script and a database.  I've got most of it down, I just need to be able to locate these two or probably more like twenty pages…  Any advice?  I appreciate it man, this really is the best CMS out.
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LOAD_PANEL is in sources/symbols.php.

Making them dynamic…

Create pages/minimodules_custom/panel_left.php
(that's if you're in the welcome zone)

Then it's PHP generated rather than Comcode generated, and you can put whatever code you wish in it.

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Community saint

Not sure if something I did might help you achieve what you are looking for or at least a close comparison but I made a custom theme on the 1200px grid css in which I also added several custom panels but without having to modify the backend and only modified templates because the templates read pages with the words panel in anyway. As for different blaock displays per panel per zone can also be done with tempcode.

here are 2 links to the topics of discussion and I can give you the theme to look at if you like

View topic: Creating a 3 column theme with main content on the left -

View topic: Understanding Panels in templates. -

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