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Possibly changing permission boxes.

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#26615 (In Topic #6165)

Community saint

Two part thought here so hopefully it makes some sense.

1- When going into global permission you can start at the top for Banners and it will open up to allow you to select the specific permission for each user group. When the proceed button is then selected is there a way to have it go directly to the next drop down in the menu. It does do this to a point, but it often gets hung on Staff or on submit. I would then have to go back to security/ specific global permission and enter again. Not a huge problem, but gets a little annoying going back and forth.

ok number 2

2- When I go into the forums or anywhere else that provides me with the boxes for permission that I can change [yes][no][default] when customizing certain permission for user groups my page is laggy. The boxes are also not lined up and jump all over the page. The TUT only says ";using access permissions effectively"; but is really limited on what HIGH end content LOW end Content??

//// Suggestions//// Is it possible to change these type to check boxes like in the global specific permissions to make it less laggy and neater? ;

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1) This sounds like a connection problem, and unfortunately there's not much we can do as ocPortal already does what you want in the natural way – redirecting automatically to the next item in the list.

2) I do agree the permission interface isn't very tidy. We've been working on that for version 4 and it has been improved.

Laggyness) The Permissions Tree Editor is an 'AJAX' interface, meaning messages are sent back and forth with the server as things are done. This is done for efficiency reasons. I don't think it has anything to do with checkboxes verses list boxes.

With regard to low/mid/high-range content, it's best to not try and understand it too much on a global level. These are simplifications designed to limit the amount of configuration that a simple website might need, by bounding a load of things together. 'Low' refers to trivial things like forum posts, and 'high' refers to critical things like the current image of the day, but most are 'mid'. If you want control, it's best just to use the Permission Tree Editor to change them for individual modules (e.g. downloads) – you'll usually see only one level that is configurable under a module and this will be the level that the module uses. There are some exceptions, off-the-top-of-my-head:
  • polls/iotds – mid refers to a queued poll or IOTD, whilst high refers to an active one
  • forums – mid refers to a topic, whilst low refers to a post

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Community saint

1) That is strange. It doesn't always go to the next thing in line either. Not a big deal tho.

2) Thank you as this is a better understanding.

I also didn't realize the editor worked each time a box was checked.

I will wait and see version 4. Again not big issues just throwing it out there and all.  :thumbs:
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