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Patch for topic count issues with automated OCF forum messages

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#57410 (In Topic #12481)

Fan in action

Patch for version 4.2.2

When using OCF in 4.2.2, messages that are automatically inserted into the forum by the system (messages that result from a "Feedback" or "Contact Us" block) increment the cached topic count for the forum they are inserted into by 2 instead of by 1, causing incorrect topic counts until the forum cache is regenerated.

Turns out that this is caused by both the automated spacer message and the contributed message being designated as a "first post", causing the forum to believe that two topics have been opened instead of one for cached count purposes.  To fix:

In sources/ocf_forum_driver_helper.php on line 125, change:






This way, while the spacer post is submitted as a new post, the actual post is now not designated as a new post, preserving the topic count.
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Thanks. This will actually cause other problems I think, but you're basically right. The fix we'll put in is a little more complex.

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