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Fan in action

Hi, I have two ocPortal sites that I created and intend on putting a link on each site (to the other site) but would also like to do the following;

1. I would like my members in site 1 to have access to site 2 using their site 1 logon info without having to login and without having to create a new account in site 2.

2. Members in site 2 will only have access to site 2 and not site 1. I think i can control this by creating 2 memberships (membership1, membership2) in site 2.

How do I get site 1 members the automatic access to site 2 as stated in 1 above?

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Community saint

Since no one more experienced with ocPortal has answered you I will offer my best assumption.

It cannot be done without modification to the registration and member functions code for at least site 1.

Also one issue you may have but not be a big deal is sessions being propagated across the 2 sites. In other words logging in at site 1 and considering that as logging into site 2 at the same time may be difficult.

Other issues I could foresee is account modification issues like if a user changes their avatar on site 1 making sure that is changed on site 2 is more coding work.

Basically something like what you ask could become a big mess.

However a possible workaround method might be to install both sites as multi-site that both share the same user database however then divide your users into groups with appropriate permissions that would basically restrict them from seeing or doing much in site 1 unless they were in the groups allowed to do so.

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